Beauty Christmas Advent Calenders 2014

Where have I been? I know that's the first thing you thought when you saw my name come up on your feed, well I needed a little break. 
I had a lot going on with changing jobs, I've started college and generally just had a lot of things going on. 
I still keep up with my favourite blogs so I'm still about it's just you can't see me! ;)

Anyway, Christmas is becoming my favourite time of the year as I got older, for a few years I hated it, but I've started to find so much love for it now. As a child there was nothing like coming home from school and finding your advent calender sat on the kitchen side waiting for you. Although I love chocolate now I'm an adult the novelty has worn off and I can now have chocolate when I want it so tend to devour the whole thing, but it was fun whilst it lasted.

For any girlie make up/skincare/nail polish eccentric, a beauty advent calender is right up your street, or even just a little gift for a lady in your life to put a smile back on their faces.
I've found a range of calenders that will suit ladies of all ages and beauty loves. I'm really hoping to get my hands on a few but I know they will all sell out so quickly as they have done on previous years but I'm going to try my best to bag one!

First up is Benefit, yup you guessed it, sold out everywhere already! Although saying that I'm not surprised. It has lots of make up and skincare samples of their products for you to try out. The calender retails at £60 so an absolute bargain in my eyes, hopefully they will restock soon and I'll be one of those lucky people to own one!

Benefit advent calendar 2014 'candy-coated countdown'

The second calender that I would love to get my hands on but is well out of my budget is this gorgeous one from Jo Malone, it retails at a whopping £250 but her scents are so beautiful I'm sure it would be worth it, Matt if your reading this, I love you! ;)

Jo Malone beauty advent calendar 2014
The two calenders that I am struggling to choose from to get are ones from the Body Shop and also No7 from Boots. There two are much more affordable for my budget with the Body Shop one costing £50 and has lots of samples of their favourite products. The No7 calender is £35 which I think is really affordable, if you pop over to the Boots website you can sign up for an email when they are available so you don't miss out!

The Body Shop beauty advent calendar 2014 
Best beauty advent calendars 2014 - No7

Which calender catches your eye? Have you found another one that I haven't mentioned that you can't wait to get your hands on?

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Guest Post: Anoushka Loves

Hello everyone, I’m Anoushka from Anoushka Loves and I’m guest posting for the lovely Nicola 

whilst she’s away. I thought I would share with you a piece of jewellery that I have been receiving 

tons of compliments for. 

For those people who follow me, you’ll know that my full time career is being an air hostess and 

have been doing this job for the last decade. I have quite strict guidelines in what jewellery is worn 

for work so as I am only allowed a certain style of earrings, I like to treat myself to some that I know 

will stay in good condition and that won’t look out of place whilst wearing them outside work. The 

DKNY steel stud earrings are perfect for both in and out of work.

I picked these up from Harvey Nicholls but they don’t seem to show them online, however I have 

found them in H Samuel for just £30, which is £5 cheaper than what I paid for them. The earrings 

come in a dust bag and presentation box for safe keeping so they also make an ideal present. The 

earrings themselves are made from stainless steel and sterling silver with a beautiful twinkling 

crystal stone set well into the setting. They are quite small, however they don’t look too delicate 

looking. I think they look elegant and sophisticated, and also quite secure in my ears. 

On the odd times that I fall asleep whilst wearing them, they don’t cause disruption and I cannot feel 

them whilst in bed or feel them enough to cause any pain. Over the last 6 months that I have had 

them, the material of the earrings hasn’t dulled or the sparkle from the crystal hasn’t dampened. 

The quality of these DKNY earrings is of such a high standard, I will be definitely be purchasing 

jewellery from their range in the future. 

I hope you liked my post, and with Christmas coming up these DKNY earring would make a perfect 

present for a friend, relative or loved one. I would definitely love to receive something from the 

DKNY jewellery range! Don’t forget to check out my blog Anoushka Loves for the latest beauty, 

fashion and lifestyle posts.

Guest Post: Agent Smyth - 5 Products I Can't Live Without

Thanks to Nicola for letting us guest on her amazing blog, and I hope you like the post we picked, 5 Products I Can't Live Without. When I sat down to pick the 5 products for this post, I came to realise that actually I could probably manage without most of them! Yeah I have my favourite lipsticks and foundations but in my oversized collection I could easily pick another if my favourite was out of action. So what 5 products would my life actually become harder or less enjoyable without? It turns out this actually needed some thinking about, but here are my final 5.

Tangle Teezer
If you haven't already got one of these beauties in your collection, you need one! I've always had fine, soft hair so didn't really think this was for me but after trying it once I was converted. We all know the age old saying that you shouldn't brush wet hair, but really if you didn't then it'd dry like a bird's nest wouldn't it? So I always do and regularly hear snaps from my hair breaking as I do, but with this my hair isn't pulled or tugged and there's no breakages either, so my hair is in much better condition. It also works wonders on my daughter who now doesn't fight at hair brushing time, so an all round miracle!

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm 
This is fairly new to my collection, but something I've quickly come to rely on and now cannot be without. I've always used lip balms as I suffer with really chapped lips, but I find a lot of the time the more you use a lip balm the more you NEED to use it! Because of this I stopped using any at all for a long time, until I came across this. It's a really thick and luxorious balm which you only need the tiniest amount of, and smells wonderfully of chocolate orange. It's matte, which makes it amazing for wearing day or night without the horrible glossy look you often get, and best of all it's incredibly long lasting and moisturising and using this just twice a day now keeps my lips lovely and soft.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
I'm an impatient sort of person, and when painting my nails I haven't got an hour to wait for the second coat to fully dry before I go to the toilet or for a bath, they need to dry instantly! I spent years thinking my nails were dry but then accidentally smudging them and ruining it all before I found this. I apply a nice thick, gloopy layer of this when my second nail varnish coat is almost dry, and in under a minute it's set rock hard, and shiny like a gel polish too! It's completely dry, no smudging or marking at all, and it also helps to keep my polish from chipping for at least a week. I love this stuff, I couldn't be without it now and it goes on top of every single manicure.

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector
If there was one product on this list I really couldn't be without, this is the one. I've always had incredibly dry hands and really hate the feeling of my dry hands touching things, so hand cream has always been a staple of mine. This claims to be for very dry skin, so I first tried a tube of it 10 years ago and literally haven't stopped using it since. I always have 3 on the go at once, one in my bathroom for after I wash my hands, one in the bedroom for before I go to bed and another in my handbag for when I'm out. I think I'm single handedly keeping The Body Shop in business with this stuff! I wouldn't like to guage how many tubes I've used over the last 10 years, but it's safe to say this works and if you can put up with the unpleasant smell (and taste!) it really does work wonders.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush 
I've tried a hundred foundation brushes in the past, but this is the one I return to time and again. If my foundation ever isn't looking right, or a brush I'm using is streaking or leaving patches, this is the failsafe I pick up to make everything better again. It's the perfect size, perfect density and perfect shape for flawlessly buffing in foundation, with no streaks at all (as long as you remember to clean it regularly) and using a lot less foundation than other methods too, which is always handy! In a true testament to how I can't live without this brush, I recently went to stay at my Dad's and left this behind and made him post it to me, and it was a rough few days until the parcel showed up let me tell you!

Ebay Wishlist #3

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 

Found some time today so decided to write up a small blog post. Here are a few items I'm lusting over on eBay at the moment. What is on your watch list currently?
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